WSRA Rosemaling Classes

WSRA proudly presents Rosemaling classes each year, for all levels of painters in Stoughton, WI. Classes are lead by professional, certified and often VGM artists. Learn to mix paints, brush control, process, technique and design as well as prepping and finishing your woodware piece.

Active members get priority notice of the upcoming Class List, emailed at the beginning of January, as well as a discounted class fee rate.

2022 Class #1, Lettering with Bev Gunderson 3/11, 3/12 (Completed Class)

Lettering with Bev Gunderson

March 11 and 12, 2022 (Friday 5-8 and Saturday 9-4) Fire Station $90 WSRA Members, +$50 for non-WSRA members

How often when we see a rosemaled item with beautiful lettering do we not admire the lettering as well as the rosemaling. Lettering and rosemaling go hand in hand. Good lettering can enhance or take away from a rosemaled item and judges at shows consider lettering as part of the rosemaling design. Though it takes practice just like rosemaling, there are also strategies one can learn to accomplish beautiful lettering. Here's your chance to learn some of the tricks and strategies of doing good lettering to enhance your rosemaling. We will spend time learning about some of the types, history and methods of doing lettering. There will be samples and pictures to study. Bring your own projects you want to put lettering on and I can help you get started or a new project you would like to do lettering on and we will figure it out. Also bring some backgrounded cardboards to practice lettering on.

About the Artist: Bev Gunderson

For as long as I can remember I have had either a pencil or brush in my hand doing some kind of artwork. Encouraged by parents and high school art teacher I left upstate New York and went on to art school in Ft Lauderdale, Florida, graduating with a degree in graphics and design. Heading back north to Chicago,IL, I worked at a graphics job and soon after got married and settled into raising four children. A few years later at the Elkhorn County Fair in Elkhorn, WI, I saw rosemaling for the first time. Having an art background and Norwegian roots it struck a chord in me that has led to many wonderful years of painting and teaching rosemaling. After a few years of learning rosemaling I was asked to teach a beginner class. Little did I know this would lead to 17 years of teaching three sessions a year of beginner and intermediate classes. Learning should be a never ending process and I have had the privilege of learning several styles from teachers from both Norway and the US.

2022 Class #2, Rogaland with Nancy Schmidt 4/8, 4/9, 4/10 (Completed Class)

Rogaland with Nancy Schmidt, VGM

April 8, 9, and 10, 2022 (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) Fire Station $165 WSRA member, +$50 for non-WSRA members

The Rogaland I paint is more of the American Rogaland. It is the style that I first started rosemaling in. This style of Rogaland involves a lot of shading, tulip and round flower forms, and the very stylized leaves common to Rogaland. There will be a project design if people would like to paint that. There also will be some other designs available and help in designing their own project if that is desired.

About the Artist: Nancy Schmidt

Nancy is from Waukesha, WI and has been rosemaling since 1977. She graduated from the University of Wisconsin with a Bachelor degree in Art. She has studied with numerous painters including American and Norwegian artists and has also been to Norway to study. In 1990 Nancy was awarded a Gold Medal in rosemaling from Vesterheim Norwegian American Museum in Decorah, IA. Vesterheim holds the National competition in rosemaling during the Nordic Fest in July. Ribbons are worth points and when a certain number of points are accumulated, a gold medal is awarded. As a Gold Medalist, Nancy has judged many exhibitions, including a number of times at the National competition. She has taught extensively over the United States and in Japan. In 1999 she went to Japan with the WI Arts Board to represent Wisconsin and has taught there numerous times since. Nancy has received a number of grants from the state of WI to teach. She is very well-known and one of the few rosemalers accomplished in many styles of rosemaling. Nancy paints mostly in the Telemark, Rogaland, Os, Valdres, Hallingdal, and Gudbrandsdal styles. She also paints scenery and figures, and has done some modern interpretations that take Rosemaling to a new level.

2022 Class #3, Os with Kim Garrett 7/22, 7/23, 7/24 (Completed Class)

OS with Kim Garrett

July 22, 23, 24, 2022 (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) Fire Station $165 WSRA member, +$50 for non-WSRA members

The Os style of rosemaling originated in the western Hordaland area of Norway in the 1850s. It was developed by combining elements of Telemark with geometric designs and old Hordaland motifs. Os is known for its bright colors, stylized flowers and geometric designs. Leaves and flowers are highly stylized with heavy detailing. Also included, are architectural designs like churches and houses. Background colors are typically black, white, a turquoise blue or red oxide color.

About the Artist: Kim Garrett

Kim lives in Ely, Minnesota with her husband and 3 cats. She is a retired Nurse Practitioner and Nurse educator. Kim’s family immigrated from Sweden in the early part of the 1900’s and settled in the Chicago area. Kim started rosemaling about 14 years ago, almost by accident. She was scheduled to take a class at a folk school in Minnesota which was cancelled at the last minute, so the school offered her a spot in a Valdres rosemaling class. In that class she found her artistic soul. She has been in love with rosemaling and other Scandinavian folk art ever since. Kim has been teaching Norwegian Rosemaling and Swedish Dalmalning in the Midwest for 9 years. More recently she has been teaching on Zoom as well. Kim has studied with many Gold Medal rosemalers in the US and has the opportunity to travel to Norway and Sweden several times to study with expert artists there. She has also had the opportunity to study the works of the old master painters in museums and private collections. She has received two grants to study rosemaling and received multiple ribbons at the Minnesota state Fair. Kim is active in the Wisconsin and Illinois Rosemaling associations and a Board member of the Rosemaling Coast to Coast Rosemaling Association.

2022 Class #4, Agder with Trudy Peach 8/12, 8/13, 8/14 (Completed Class)

Agder with Trudy Peach, VGM

August 12, 13, 14, 2022 (Friday, Saturday Sunday) Fire Station $175 WSRA members, +$50 for non-WSRA members, $50 deposit fee

Agder styles use mainly darker green backgrounds, deep blue backgrounds or black. Sometimes red iron oxide is used and a gold color can be seen on bowls. Large trunks that have a front panel can add off-white to the panel. Agder is basically painted opaque in color with some symmetry and geometric designs. The Agder area is located close to the Rogaland area and you will find many design influences carried between these two areas, especially the pineapple flower as I refer to it. Some Agder flowers are divided down the middle using 2 colors. Ex: half red/half yellow flowers. There are many teardrops of different colors used as well.

About the Artist: Trudy Peach

Trudy Peach grew up in NW Wisconsin and has been rosemaling for over 40 years. She started by takiing classes at the Vo-Tech in Milwaukee, WI. And upon moving to Mpls area took Community Ed classes prior to finding Vesterheim classes. She has taken from many Norwegian and American artists and became a Vesterheim Gold Medalist in 1985. She is also a Certified Decorative Artist with the Society of Decorative Painters. Trudy concentrates her painting styles on the West Coast Rosemaling Styles – Rogaland, OS, and Agder. She prefers to use the term “Agder Style” to include Vest Agder, Aust Agder, and Setesdal. There are many cross –overs in flower forms, color, line work, etc., in these districts. I find it easiest not to overwhelm beginner Rosemalers with terminology. Trudy studies old rosemaling pieces, photos, folios, books, etc. to help influence her designs. She has taught classes’ throughout the United States in all three styles. Her work has been in several publications, including the Rosemalers’ Cookbook, Viking Magazine, Decorative Artists magazine, “Norwegian Folk Art, The Migration of a Tradition” by Marion Nelson and “Rosemaling in the Upper Midwest”. She has had pieces on tour in Norway with Vesterheim. Trudy enjoys creating new designs and spending time with other Rosemalers.

2022 Class #5, Valdres with Lois Mueller 8/26, 8/27, 8/28 (Completed Class)

Valdres with Lois Mueller,VGM

August 26, 27, 28 (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) Fire Station $165 WSRA members, +$50 for non-WSRA members, $50 deposit fee

Valdres can be described as the “floral” style of rosemaling. For the most part the flowers are painted in 3 different formations. It could be a bouquet of mixed flowers, a grouping of flowers that hang from ropes, or a plant that grows from the ground. Scrolls and monochromatic scenes are frequently used as borders or as accents in the overall design. In this class, we will be painting a bouquet of mixed flowers. The bouquet will be framed with a scroll border or a unique scalloped design plus some line borders to further accent the design. After the plate is complete, we hope to work on a variety of borders that could be used in many styles of rosemaling.

About the Artist: Lois Mueller

Lois Mueller VGM, has been painting since the last century (1977) and teaching since 1979. She began with classes with Irene Lamont. Her first class at Vesterheim was with Eldrid Arntsen in Valdres. After the class with Eldrid, she was able to take another class in Valdres in Stoughton from Eli Saelid from Norway. Her first entry at Nordic Fest that received a ribbon was a round trunk in the Valdres style. She received the Gold Medal at Nordic Fest in 1998. Since that time she has published 9 rosemaling instruction books with Valdres being the first one. She began travel teaching in the early 1990's mostly in the mid-west, but after receiving the medal and publishing the books, she was invited to teach at many locations in the US plus Canada and Taiwan. It has been an exciting journey.

2022 Class #6, One Color Telemark with Andrea Herkert 9/23, 9/24, 9/25 Class Full/Closed

One Color Telemark with Andrea Herkert, VGM

Sept 23, 24, 25, 2022 (Friday, Saturday Sunday) Fire Station $165 WSRA members, +$50 for non-WSRA members, $50 deposit fee

Andrea Herkert will be teaching a class on Telemark Rosemaling with a monochromatic palette. There will be a design packet provided for the class, but for those who wish to paint their own, guidance will be offered. The design will be painted on a gold ground with a palette of greens highlighted with metallic gold. Painting in this style is exciting as the focus is on the contours and spatial relationships of the Rosemaling elements enhanced by the subtleties of color value. Line work is the highlight of this style as it defines, shapes and brings it to life!!

About the Artist: Andrea Herkert

Andrea began Rosemaling in 2006 and received her Vesterheim Gold Medal in 2013. She paints and teaches all styles of Rosemaling but considers Telemark, Gudbrandsdal and Hallingdal her strengths. She has been teaching throughout the United States since 2010 and has been an active member of WSRA since 2008, serving as a Board member and three terms as President. Andrea and her husband, Jim, live in the country just outside of Verona, Wisconsin.

2022 Class #7, Raudsaum-maling with Loretta Paulman 10/15, 10/16

Raudsaum-maling (Red Embroidery) with Loretta (Lorre) Paulman

October 15, 16, 2022 (Saturday Sunday) Fire Station $125 WSRA members+$50 for non-WSRA members, $50 deposit fee

During World War I a textile wholesaler in the town of Skien, ran out of most materials, but was left with a lot of spools of red yarn. People from West Telemark decided to sew national costumes for themselves using only the red colors. All red embroidery is sewn or painted on a black background. Info from - Rose Painting by Bjorg Oseid Kleivi. I took lessons from Bjorg in July 2007 – Decorah.

About the Artist: Loretta (Lorre) Paulman

Lorre has been rosemaling since 1968. Lorre does many styles of rosemaling, having started in Rogaland with Vi Thode at Monona Community Center. At one time Lorre taught classes at four different places; Deforest, Monona, Sun Prairie, and Westminster Presbyterian Church, as well as working full-time as an emergency room nurse RN. At this time, she enjoys teaching at the Monona Community Center on Tuesday mornings…..when we aren’t dealing with Covid. Lorre has been to Norway 3 times, taking classes while there and has also taken classes at Vesterheim. In 1982, Lorre had the Best of Show, a clock. She also painted over 100 clocks for Clock Works Inc. out of Sun Prairie. Lorre enjoys rosemaling all different styles and passing on the art to others.